BÆRE [bæ:`rə] – Nitja senter for samtidskunst – 20. August 2022

A duo made through the interaction of two different bodies. By surrendering to gravity the bodies find the ability to challenge balance and the weight of each other. There is trust, risk and comfort.

Duration 20 min

Artistic Team and Performance: Hanna Mjåvatn, Kira Senkpiel




Die Fledermaus – Oper Graz – Österreichischer Musiktheater Preis 2021

Die Fledermaus” with premiere at Oper Graz 2019, directed by Maximilian von Mayenburg was proudly nominated for “Best Complete Operetta Production” for the Österreichischer Musiktheater Preis 2021.

Artistic Team: Direction: Maximilian von Mayenburg, Choreography: Kira Senkpiel, Costume: Frank Lichtenberg, Stage: Tanja Hofmann



22nd February 2019